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Songs from the borderland

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almoravide.giflaNiche presents the third (and final) concert program for the 2011-12 season:
Songs from the borderland
More information at the Via Artis Konsort website

El Arte de Tañer - Spanish release

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Tuesday 22nd of June is the official Spanish release date for the album El Arte de Tañer by the Danish organist Poul Udbye Pock-Steen.
The event will take place in the Historic Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain

More info at the Arte de Tañer Facebook page

indian_child.jpglaNiche Music proudly presents "El Cancionero de El Dorado", a new scenic concert program for the 2011 season.
More info at the Via Artis Konsort webpage

El Arte de Tañer, now on Facebook

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The album El Arte de Tañer by Via Artis Konsort member Poul Udbye Pock-Steen now has a Facebook page with news, concert announcements and more.

Supporting the next album from Via Artis Konsort

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The sale of shares for the next Via Artis Konsort production has started.
Please read the article From listener to co-producer to learn why it's a good idea for the listener to become directly engaged in music production.

Each share costs 14€ and grants the holder the right to:
  • Ongoing information on the recording process
  • An invitation to the release concert
  • 1 CD per share
  • A share of the surplus of the production which can be paid out or donated to the Grameen Foundation
The shares are paid using a credit card or via Paypal around May 1st 2010. We'll email you instructions for the payment.

Please support an interesting and solid musical project - fill in the form below with your full name, email and the number of shares you wish to buy.

The following companies and institutions are currently supporting the Via Artis Konsort Via Stellae 2010 concert tour:
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Pavana con su glosa

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Album notes for El Arte de Tañer
A closer look at Cabezón's famous pavanne that probably isn't a pavanne and maybe not even by Cabezón.

This catchy dance piece with variations originates from a music book published in 1577 by the Spanish organist Luis Venegas de Henestrosa. The piece is attributed to "Antonio", and this, sort of insider information, has been interpreted by music researchers throughout the years as a reference to the contemporary Spanish organist Antonio de Cabezón. To what degree this is true has already been discussed a lot of times, but it's probable that Antonio de Cabezón had a greater name than Henestrosa himself at that time, not least in those circles where the potential buyers of the music book were to be found.
"Antonio" may therefore have worked as a musical teaser for the publication.
Read the whole article at the Via Artis Konsort website

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If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Twelfth Night Act 1, scene 1, 1-3

Documentary on Via Stellae

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The Scallop shell is the symbol of several Way...

The year 2010 is a so-called jubilee year of St. James, Año Santo Jacobeo. Due to this especial occasion, a lot of exiting cultural activities will take place along the various European pilgrim roads to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

It is, by the way, jubilee year of St. James, every time July 25th falls on a Sunday, and that happens following a strict sequence of years, namely the sequence 6-5-6-11. Mathematically speaking that gives us a total number of 14 jubilee years within a century. Next year will be the second jubilee year in this century - for the following jubilee year we'll have to wait until 2021.

The jubilee year of St James in 2010 coincides with the 3rd part of the Via Artis Konsort concert series Via Stellae which, apart from a number of concerts in the Nordic countries, is going to take place on selected sites along the pilgrim route, like Vezélay, France and Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Via Artis Konsort, with the support from laNiche, the label PARLA son and other co-operating Spanish institutions, has therefore decided to take part in the production of a road movie, a documentary film, which is going to follow the ensemble during the preparations and the concerts along the pilgrim route. The documentary will be an interesting blend of interviews with the organizers, the audience, pilgrims and other persons involved in the pilgrim wave, and of course the filming of the concerts.
The documentary will be ready, according to the plan, in the beginning of 2011.
For more information, please follow the Via Artis Konsort blog


El Arte de Tañer -
Presentation concert

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Presentation concert at Soenderborg Castle
Sunday October 4th at 3PM the Danish organist Poul Udbye Pock-Steen will be presenting his new CD "El Arte de Tañer" (the art of playing) during an informal concert in the Chapel of Queen Dorothea at Soenderborg Castle.
"El arte de Tañer" is part of a major project dealing with early organ music, i.e. organ music from late medieval times to the baroque period, with a special focus on the instruments that were used to perform the music in early times.
This often rare but fascinating organ music contains elements from both art music and popular tones. The music is rich in contrasts - it can be both simple and virtuoso, sometimes pompous, almost boastfully and at other times meditative, and it mixes a modal expression with a complex polyphony. The CD is an evocative presentation of the many different musical forms that developed in the early European music.
The music has been recorded on two renaissance positives at the historic cathedral in Salamanca, Spain and on the renaissance organ in the Chapel of Queen Dorothea, Soenderborg Castle, Denmark.
During the concert the organist will explain about the music and the instruments used for the recording.

The project is currently supported by the Danish Embassy in Madrid, by Fundación Reina Isabel de Dinamarca and by Dansk Musiker Forbund.

An organist with a special interest in early music
Poul Udbye Pock-Steen has been involved in early music performance for many years, mainly as an interpreter but also as a researcher focusing on the creation of a repertoire based on his own investigation.

Poul Udbye-Pock-Steen has offered more than 100 organ recitals in Denmark and abroad, among other places in Spain and Cuba.
Apart from offering organ recitals, Poul Udbye Pock-Steen plays with several ensembles, like for instance the early world music ensemble Via Artis Konsort.

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Early World Music

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Via Artis Konsort is now a member of the Early World Music network. Come join!

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