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The sale of shares for the next Via Artis Konsort production has started.
Please read the article From listener to co-producer to learn why it's a good idea for the listener to become directly engaged in music production.

Each share costs 14€ and grants the holder the right to:
  • Ongoing information on the recording process
  • An invitation to the release concert
  • 1 CD per share
  • A share of the surplus of the production which can be paid out or donated to the Grameen Foundation
The shares are paid using a credit card or via Paypal around May 1st 2010. We'll email you instructions for the payment.

Please support an interesting and solid musical project - fill in the form below with your full name, email and the number of shares you wish to buy.

The following companies and institutions are currently supporting the Via Artis Konsort Via Stellae 2010 concert tour:
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