Pavana con su glosa

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Album notes for El Arte de Tañer
A closer look at Cabezón's famous pavanne that probably isn't a pavanne and maybe not even by Cabezón.

This catchy dance piece with variations originates from a music book published in 1577 by the Spanish organist Luis Venegas de Henestrosa. The piece is attributed to "Antonio", and this, sort of insider information, has been interpreted by music researchers throughout the years as a reference to the contemporary Spanish organist Antonio de Cabezón. To what degree this is true has already been discussed a lot of times, but it's probable that Antonio de Cabezón had a greater name than Henestrosa himself at that time, not least in those circles where the potential buyers of the music book were to be found.
"Antonio" may therefore have worked as a musical teaser for the publication.
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