forside1_thumb.gif VIA STELLAE by Via Artis Konsort - parla08001
The first album by Via Artis Konsort takes the audience on a musical journey along the ancient roads of pilgrimage, through the beautiful musical landscapes of the late Medieval and the Renaissance periods.
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forside_artedetanner143x123.jpg El ARTE DE TAÑER - parla00901
This album from Via Artis Konsort member Poul Udbye Pock-Steen is an evocative presentation of the many different musical forms that developed in the early European music. The music has been recorded on two renaissance positives at the historic cathedral in Salamanca, Spain and on the renaissance organ in the Chapel of Queen Dorothea, Soenderborg Castle, Denmark.
The project is currently supported by the Danish Embassy in Madrid and by Fundación Reina Isabel de Dinamarca.
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crosswork_p1_thumb.jpg CROSSWORK - parla11001
Crosswork is a natural continuation of the first Via Artis Konsort CD project Via Stellae [parla08001].
Crosswork continues the pilgrim tracking by following musical trails from different world cultures which in Medieval times left a great influence on European music. This way the album Crosswork presents music, mostly inedited, from sources found in areas as diverse as Scandinavia, The Osmanic Empire, Spain and the Celtic region in the British Isles.
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